California Raisins is one of the world’s top-selling, all natural, no sugar added dried fruit. They are not only a great snack that is packed with nutrients for people of all age groups, but also a highly versatile ingredient that can be used in food & drinks. Known for their superior quality and high safety standards, California Raisins is well-known both globally & locally. With its long history & deep establishment worldwide, the team wishes to expand market reach and tap into new demographics by increasing demand for their raisins.


Redefining Healthy Indulgence: California Raisins’ Influencer Campaign Triumph


In a world where health-conscious consumers and food enthusiasts are constantly seeking nutritious and delicious options, California Raisins set out on a mission to boost their market reach and tap into new demographics. To achieve this, our marketing agency crafted an innovative influencer marketing campaign that highlighted the brand’s healthy snacking and culinary versatility. By strategically partnering with food influencers and showcasing the unique natural sweetness of California Raisins, we successfully expanded the brand’s presence and positioned it as a go-to choice for consumers seeking tasty and nutritious snacks and ingredients.

  • Influencer Marketing:
    Leveraging the power of influencer marketing, we sought to increase ROI by selecting the right influencers with strong engagement rates in the food content space.
  • Healthy Snacking and Culinary Versatility:
    We built the campaign around promoting California Raisins as a healthy snacking option and a versatile cooking and baking ingredient, highlighting their unique natural sweetness.
  • Strategic Influencer Matchmaking:
    Our team carefully matched the brand with suitable talents based on actionable metrics, latest trends, and comprehensive validation procedures to market California Raisins to a wider network of audiences and achieve the objectives.
  • Expanded Reach:
    The month-long campaign generated 139K reach through influencer engagement, effectively boosting brand awareness and introducing California Raisins to new demographics.
  • Increased Sales:
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, California Raisins sold out on their digital channels, demonstrating the effectiveness of the influencer marketing campaign in driving consumer interest and demand.

By harnessing the power of influencer marketing, we successfully expanded California Raisins’ market reach and positioned the brand as a healthy, delicious, and versatile choice for consumers. Through strategic influencer partnerships and a well-crafted campaign, we helped the brand tap into new demographics and increase demand for their nutritious and flavorful raisins.

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