Centre Stage School of the Arts is a premier arts school in Singapore, offering a wide range of classes and workshops in performing arts for children and parents. Known for its vibrant community and high-quality productions, Centre Stage aims to nurture creativity and talent in a supportive environment.


Our goal was to create vibrant content that would promote their upcoming productions, classes, and workshops, thereby increasing enrolment and community engagement.


Vibrant and Intriguing Content

We crafted dynamic social media content that resonates with Centre Stage’s target. Posts highlighted upcoming productions, classes, and workshops, using vibrant visuals and engaging copy to capture attention and foster interaction.

Strategic EDM Campaigns

We managed monthly EDM campaigns to keep the Centre Stage community informed and engaged.

Our emails featured exciting updates on upcoming events, exclusive promotions, and insightful content related to the performing arts, ensuring a strong connection with their audience and driving participation in classes and productions.

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