Since its inception in 1974, Hurom has committed itself to empowering customers' healthy lifestyles by providing innovative kitchen technology. They pioneered the world's first Slow Juicer, revolutionising juice-making with their patented Slow Squeeze Technology.


Creative For More was tasked with overhauling Hurom's social media strategy to enhance brand awareness, engage with new consumer segments, and underscore the unique benefits of Hurom's Slow Juicers.


Educational Innovation

The campaign produced educational materials that emphasized the advantages of Hurom's unique Slow Squeeze Technology. Through eye-catching animations and videos, the audience learned about the technical aspects and health benefits of slow juicing, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the product.

The website layout was structured to improve the ease of navigation, allowing users to explore various categories, learn more about each brand, and make purchases easily.

Community Building through UGC

Hurom's marketing approach harnessed the power of its user base. By motivating customers, particularly those invested in health and fitness, to share their experiences with Hurom products, a sense of community was fostered. The initiative, propelled by a specific hashtag, allowed for easy tracking and sharing of users' wellness stories, promoting a communal spirit around health-conscious living.

Authentic Endorsements via Lifestyle Integration

The strategy extended to collaborations with influencers and health experts, demonstrating the practical benefits and versatility of Hurom's juicers in everyday wellness routines. This approach yielded genuine testimonials, strengthening consumer trust in the brand and its values.

Youth Engagement

Recognising the need to appeal to younger audiences, the campaign showcased the juicers' aesthetic elements, particularly the range of appealing colours. Utilising dynamic, short-form content like GIFs and animations, the marketing efforts aligned with the visual and value-driven inclinations of millennials and Gen Z, emphasising aspects like health, ease of use, and stylish design.

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