Founded in 2008, IRCAD Taiwan offers a wide range of advanced courses designed for medical professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field.


Our agency elevated IRCAD Taiwan's online presence through creating engaging content that highlights the center’s courses, promotes enrolment, and strengthens its reputation among medical professionals all over the world.


Engaging and Targeted Content

We collaborated with IRCAD Taiwan's team to develop compelling social media content that highlights their courses. This included testimonials from past participants, course recaps, and reminders, all tailored to resonate with medical professionals.

Our content strategy focused on showcasing the value and impact of IRCAD Taiwan's training programs, driving engagement and interest.

Promotional Campaigns through Sponsored Ads and EDMs

In addition to organic content, we managed sponsored ad campaigns and EDMs to reach a broader audience.

Our targeted ads were designed to attract medical professionals, emphasising the benefits and unique aspects of IRCAD Taiwan's courses.

EDM campaigns provided timely updates, exclusive insights, and reminders about upcoming courses, ensuring consistent communication and engagement with their audience.

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