With 50+ outlets in Singapore, Kskin mirrors a commitment to excellence and innovation. Specialising in Korean facial treatments, Kskin stands out by providing solutions for all skin types and customer lifestyles.


Creative For More was engaged to propel Kskin's social media presence, with the primary goal of transforming their feed into a clean, aesthetic one. We aimed to build brand awareness while strategically directing audiences to book appointments at Kskin kiosks through various creative formats such as static posts, carousel content, and engaging Instagram reels.


Visual Cohesion

Our strategy involved revamping Kskin's social media feed with a clean and aesthetic layout. We curated a consistent visual theme, ensuring each post contributed to a harmonious brand representation.

The website layout was structured to improve the ease of navigation, allowing users to explore various categories, learn more about each brand, and make purchases easily.

Diverse Creative Formats

To capture diverse audience preferences, we utilised different creative formats. Static posts conveyed key messages, carousel content provided detailed insights into Kskin's offerings, and engaging Instagram reels added a dynamic touch, fostering interest and interaction.

Brand Awareness

To propel brand awareness, brand elements were incorporated into each post, reinforcing Kskin's identity. This helped to create a memorable and recognisable brand image, enhancing awareness among audiences and encouraging them to explore Kskin's services.

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