Luxury Careers is a premier recruitment agency specialising in the luxury retail sector in Singapore. With a focus on connecting high-end retail brands with top talent, Luxury Careers has become a trusted partner for both candidates and clients, renowned for their expertise and personalised approach.


Engaged to position Luxury Careers as the leading luxury retail recruitment agency in Singapore, our agency's mission revolves around growing their candidate and client base. Through tailored social media content, we aim to highlight their industry expertise, showcase their team, and build credibility with testimonials and reviews.


Visual Branding and Identity

Our strategy began with a comprehensive visual branding initiative. We created a consistent and luxurious visual identity for Luxury Careers' social media channels, ensuring each post reflected the high standards and elegance associated with the luxury retail industry.

Variety of Content Formats

To cater to a varied audience, we employed a mix of content formats. Engaging Instagram reels were produced to highlight the dynamic nature of the agency's work and the luxury brands they partner with. Static posts and carousel content were used to provide in-depth information about their services, team members, and industry insights.

Human-Centric Storytelling

We featured content about Luxury Careers' team members to add a personal touch and human element to their brand. By showcasing the people behind the agency, we aimed to build a stronger connection with both clients and candidates, highlighting the agency's personalised approach and commitment to excellence.

Informational and Credibility-Building Posts

To position Luxury Careers as a knowledgeable and credible agency, we curated informational posts that provided valuable insights into the luxury retail market and recruitment trends. Additionally, we shared testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients and candidates, further enhancing the agency's reputation and credibility in the industry.

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