Miam Miam is a local French-Japanese restaurant that is fast expanding across the Asia-Pacific region. The brand approached Creative For More for an overhaul of their visual brand identity on their website and menu, as they were looking for a look that amplified the French-Japanese alliance they were known for.


East Meets West: Miam Miam’s French-Japanese Fusion Brand Transformation


Embracing the harmonious blend of French elegance and Japanese boldness, our marketing agency embarked on an enthralling journey to revitalise Miam Miam Restaurant’s visual brand identity. Our mission was to craft a modern and sophisticated look that captured the essence of Miam Miam’s unique French-Japanese fusion, while ensuring alignment with the company’s ambitious plans for future growth. Our approach included the following:

  • Storytelling and Heritage:
    We focused on showcasing the story and heritage of Miam Miam through the website, presenting the best of both worlds—the old-school charm of the French, with the fresh and bold aesthetics of the Japanese.
  • Aesthetic Inspiration:
    We drew inspiration from the classic French bistro look for the colours and combined them with strong references to Japanese traditionalism through bold displays and tones.
  • Alignment with Future Growth:
    As Miam Miam planned to expand across the Asia-Pacific region, we ensured that all members of the company were aligned with the future growth and vision of the brand.
  • New Visual Identity: We successfully produced a fresh and modern visual identity for Miam Miam, encompassing a new website architecture, improved menu, and updated designs that reflected current industry trends.
  • Embracing Cultural Fusion: Our designs effectively embraced the unique fusion of French and Japanese culture, capturing the essence of Miam Miam’s innovative culinary offerings.

By revamping Miam Miam’s visual brand identity, we successfully elevated the brand’s image, reflecting their one-of-a-kind French-Japanese fusion and aligning with the company’s ambitious plans for future expansion. The modernised website and menu designs not only captured the essence of Miam Miam’s culinary artistry but also positioned the restaurant for continued success in the competitive dining industry.

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