Founded in 2016, Modern Link is a go-to home appliance company which specialises in the distribution and sales for well-known brands such as Buydeem, Leifheit, Hasegawa, Asobu, and more. Today, Modern Link offers products from over 20 brands and distributes to online and offline stores located islandwide.


Engaged to enhance Modern Link's brand awareness, our agency's mission revolves around tailored content for seamless market expansion, and strategic engagement, ultimately driving substantial sales growth and ensuring Modern Link's success in the competitive world of house appliances and homeware.


Leveraging visually captivating static images and engaging videos, our approach centered on crafting compelling visual narratives. Our objective to promote Modern Link’s range of brands included the following approaches:

Authentic and Engaging Content:

Our team crafts monthly content, incorporating versatile formats such as static images, carousels, and short-form videos. Informative content that educates audiences about the functionalities and features of Modern Link’s products was delivered, which focused on elevating each brands’ visibility and awareness, setting them apart in the home appliance market.

Strategic Advertising Campaigns:

Through planned ad campaigns, we aimed to enhance Modern Link’s brands’ brand visibility and audience engagement, ensuring that the featured products capture the attention of Singaporean audiences. By implementing and optimising campaigns, our data-driven approach sought to not only increase brand awareness, but also entice audiences to make a purchase from Modern Link’s brands.

Influencer Collaborations:

We were engaged to manage influencer collaborations across 4 brands for Modern Link – BergHOFF, Buydeem, Hurom, and Leifheit. By partnering with influencers relevant to the respective brands, these collaborations serve as a powerful tool to propel these brands to a broader spectrum of potential customers, enhancing their overall brand awareness, audience base and engagement.

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