Popeyes is an American multinational chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants, famous for their Louisiana style fried chicken. With fresh chicken marinated in a mixture of cajun and creole spices seasoning for at least 12 hours, their signature fried chicken is a crowd favourite. With over 40 years of presence all around the world, Popeyes has grown to become a familiar name in the fast food industry. The team wishes to maintain the long-term growth in Singapore's market through generating the right kind of digital content.

Crispy Success: Popeyes Soars in Singapore’s Competitive F&B Scene


In the bustling and competitive F&B landscape of Singapore, our marketing agency cooked up a finger-licking social media strategy to elevate Popeyes, the beloved American fried chicken fast-food chain. By blending original content with responsive community management, we successfully amplified Popeyes’ online presence, strengthened customer relationships, and paved the way for long-term growth in a market brimming with rival brands.

  • Original and Engaging Content:
    We crafted a series of fresh, informative, and fun social media content to showcase Popeyes’ latest products and promotions. By utilising eye-catching animations and graphics, we captured the attention of potential customers and set Popeyes apart from its competitors.
  • Community Management:
    Our team provided excellent customer support by promptly handling and responding to customer inquiries, creating a strong social media presence and fostering positive relationships with Popeyes’ consumer base across digital platforms.
  • Consistent Social Media Growth: By focusing on creating engaging content and maintaining a responsive online presence, we aimed to steadily grow Popeyes’ social media following and expand its reach in Singapore’s competitive F&B landscape.
  • Increased Engagement Rate:
    Our tailored content strategy led to a 25% increase in Popeyes’ engagement rate, boosting its visibility and appeal among Singaporean fast-food consumers.
  • Follower Growth: We successfully doubled Popeyes’ follower growth, expanding its market reach and laying the foundation for long-term success in Singapore.

By implementing a creative and engaging social media strategy coupled with effective community management, our marketing efforts propelled Popeyes to new heights in Singapore’s competitive F&B scene. The substantial increase in engagement rate and follower growth not only expanded Popeyes’ market reach but also set the stage for continued growth and success in the long run.

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