The Singapore Red Cross Society is a prominent humanitarian organisation based in Singapore. Established in 1949, it is a part of the global Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which aims to provide assistance and support to vulnerable communities during times of crisis and emergencies.


Wanting to improve sign ups for their First Aid and Caregiver training courses, Singapore Red Cross engaged our team for a sponsored ad management campaign. Our team conceptualised the campaign visuals and curated a media buy campaign on Meta and Google Ads. We also provided optimisation and insights to ensure the ads are maximised to their fullest potential.


1. Elevating awareness about the importance of first-aid and caregiving courses in the community

2. Navigating the diverse and saturated digital space to reach the most relevant audience

3. Encouraging direct interaction and participation from individuals for course sign-ups and information requests


We initiated a series of comprehensive ad campaigns which focused on driving website traffic for course sign-ups and information inquiries, emphasising on the practical benefits and societal value of acquiring first-aid and caregiving skills.

Performance Tracking and Optimisation:

Our team monitored ad performance in real-time, allowing for immediate adjustments and optimisation for elements such as click-through rates and overall engagement. Additionally, data was analysed to delve into patterns in audience interaction to refine targeting strategies and maximise ad spend efficiency.

Audience-Specific Engagement:

Before commencing the campaign, we segmented the audience based on specific ad objectives to ensure that the right demographics received relevant information about Red Cross Academy’s courses. Messaging and calls-to-action were also tailored to resonate with audience groups.


The ads for Red Cross Society were successful in reaching our campaign goals, with clicks and engagement performing above industry standards. The campaign successfully generated over 570,000 impressions and reached 360,000 individuals, significantly increasing the visibility of the Singapore Red Cross Academy's initiatives. A total of 5,200 clicks were recorded, indicating a strong public interest and interaction with the featured educational programs.
This not only signified effective audience targeting, but also highlighted the community’s growing interest in humanitarian courses and activities.

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