SCAPE is a non-profit organisation that supports youth, talent and leadership development. The organisation aims to motivate and empower youth to realise their potential, and seeks to be the home of enterprising youth committed to creating their own future. It was set up in 2007 in response to a call for more spaces for youth social, recreational, sporting, and community activities, and to showcase their talents.


SCAPE is a youth-oriented hub located in Orchard Road, Singapore. It aims to provide young people with a creative and nurturing environment to develop their passions and skills through various programs and activities. SCAPE wanted to feature the untold stories of young performers, musicians, and entrepreneurs who succeeded despite the odds. The idea for Centerstage was developed to highlight their careers and how SCAPE's programs helped them succeed.


The goal of Centerstage was to showcase the achievements of young heroes and how SCAPE's programs supported them. The project aimed to inspire young people and promote SCAPE's programs through a series of Instagram static posts and reels.


Our team developed eye-catching creatives using bold colours, compelling visuals, and concise text to convey the stories of young heroes. We highlighted their achievements, struggles, and how SCAPE's programs helped these individuals succeed.


The Centerstage campaign was a success. The series of Instagram static posts and reels received higher than average engagement rates, with many viewers sharing and commenting on the inspiring stories of young heroes. The campaign helped raise awareness of SCAPE's programs and mission, inspiring young people to pursue their passions and skills.

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