With a commitment to helping clients achieve smooth, radiant skin, Smoovee Skin combines state-of-the-art technology with professional expertise to deliver exceptional results.


Our objective was to increase brand awareness while also drive customer acquisition to their outlets in Singapore through lead generation ads across Facebook and Instagram.


Targeted Ad Creation

Our strategy involved designing ads that directly appeal to potential customers looking for skincare solutions. We crafted visually engaging and informative ads that highlighted Smoovee Skin's promotions, services, and unique offerings, ensuring they captured the attention of the target audience.

Strategic Audience Targeting

We conducted thorough audience research to identify and target individuals most likely to be interested in Smoovee Skin's services. By focusing on related customer demographics and interests within Singapore, we maximised the relevance and impact of our sponsored ads.

Highlighting Services, Promotions, and Informational Content

The ads we created prominently featured Smoovee Skin's latest promotions and a comprehensive overview of their services. This approach ensured potential customers were well-informed about the benefits and value Smoovee Skin offers, increasing their likelihood of engaging with the brand.

In addition to promotional content, we incorporated ads that provided valuable skincare tips and facts. This strategy positioned Smoovee Skin as an authority in the skincare industry, building trust and credibility with potential customers.

Performance Optimisation

We continuously monitored and optimised the ad campaigns to ensure maximum effectiveness. By analysing performance metrics and making data-driven adjustments, we enhanced the reach and engagement of Smoovee Skin's sponsored ads, ultimately driving better results and higher return on investment.

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