Dedicated to creating a vibrant and engaging shopping experience, The Seletar Mall features a wide array of tenants, from retail and dining to entertainment, catering to the diverse needs of its visitors.


Our primary objective was to enhance The Seletar Mall's brand recognition and drive increased footfall. At our agency, we are committed to developing engaging content strategies that effectively showcase the mall's wide array of offerings. By spotlighting various tenants, exciting promotions, and special events, our aim is to foster a deeper sense of community connection and ultimately drive more visitors to the mall.


Content Visual Revamp

Our strategy focused on a visual overhaul of The Seletar Mall's social media platforms. We developed a cohesive and appealing visual identity, ensuring that each post aligned with the mall's brand image and contributed to a unified, attractive feed.

Creative Content Formats

To engage a wide audience, we utilised various creative formats. Vibrant and engaging posts provided detailed insights into tenant offerings and promotions, and dynamic Instagram reels showcased atrium events and seasonal activities, increasing interaction and engagement.

Audience-Centric Content

We curated content that resonated with The Seletar Mall's target audience. By featuring tenants, promotions, giveaways, and seasonal activities, we ensured that the content was both informative and engaging. We also spotlighted the Kids Adventure Club (KAC), promoting upcoming events to appeal to families and enhance community engagement.

Community Engagement Management

We effectively managed The Seletar Mall's online community, taking proactive steps to promptly address feedback and respond to inquiries. By prioritizing visitor satisfaction, we ensured that every interaction reflected a commitment to attentive customer service, fostering a strong and positive relationship between the mall and its valued patrons.

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