The Wooden Platform is a Singapore-based interior design consultancy company that specializes in creating innovative and high-quality spaces for their clients. They are a vibrant and dynamic customer oriented firm, dedicated to delivering the highest standards of design and reliability.

Our Objective

Our goal was to generate leads consistently while creating engaging and educational content on The Wooden Platform's channels to establish their expertise and credibility in the industry, further attracting new clients. To achieve this, we created engaging before-and-after videos to showcase their experience in creating people's dream homes. We A/B tested their ads through ``always on`` brand awareness campaigns to highlight their speed, quality, and expertise, while also partnering with other brands to run giveaways to generate hype towards newly BTO families or new home owners. Through our content, we addressed the pain points of new homeowners so that they feel like they are getting personalised, transparent, and quality renovation experience from The Wooden Platform.

Our Strategy

The approach began with analysing the existing marketing strategies and identifying areas for improvement. The plan included leveraging on trending reels to showcase creativity in various forms while also increase visibility and engagement. It also included conducting A/B testing of ads, partnering with other companies to run giveaways, and highlighting the company's speed, quality, and expertise through ``always on`` brand awareness campaigns.


The Wooden Platform has experienced a significant increase in leads and a decrease in their Cost Per Lead due to our full suite marketing efforts. Our social media management has successfully elevated the company's online presence, and the before-and-after videos have effectively highlighted their credibility in the industry.

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