Charting the Course to Brand Success: Singapore’s Top 15 Consultancy Firms

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Charting the Course to Brand Success: Singapore’s Top 15 Consultancy Firms

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, branding stands as a cornerstone of success. Whether you’re a start-up seeking to establish a robust market presence or an established enterprise aiming to rejuvenate your brand, the right consultancy can make all the difference. Singapore, a thriving hub of innovation and commerce, boasts a plethora of top-tier brand consultancy firms. Here, we explore the 15 best brand consultancy firms in Singapore that can help elevate your brand to new heights.



1. Creative For More



At Creative For More, we’re not just another branding consultancy; we’re your strategic partner in conquering the Singapore market. Our approach is simple: we dive deep into understanding your business, target audience, and market dynamics to craft bespoke branding strategies that align with your unique vision and goals. Our team of creative experts ensures that every element of your brand, from logo design to messaging, is distinctive and memorable. We focus on consistency across all touchpoints, building trust and recognition that turns your audience into loyal customers.

Our track record speaks volumes. We’ve helped numerous businesses in Singapore elevate their brands and achieve significant growth. We provide continuous support, regular brand audits, and swift adaptations to new trends, keeping your brand relevant and competitive. With Creative For More, you’re not just getting a service; you’re getting a dedicated partner committed to your success. Let us help you build a brand that stands out and makes a lasting impact.


Contact Details

Contact+65 96995377
Clients includePopeyes, Baskin Robbins, Maplestory SEA, SCAPE, Hurom, Yokogawa, Singapore Redcross, Singapore Management University, Sports SG, National University of Singapore, Lenovo, Robert Timms, Playpark
Address295 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437078


2. Bonsey Jaden



Bonsey Jaden is a premier digital brand consultancy that excels in forging meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. With a focus on brand strategy, digital marketing, and creative campaigns, Bonsey Jaden transforms businesses by crafting engaging and growth-driven initiatives. Their expertise lies in understanding the unique essence of each brand and translating that into strategic actions that resonate with the target audience. Through meticulous market research, innovative design, and compelling storytelling, Bonsey Jaden ensures that every campaign is not only visually stunning but also deeply impactful. By blending creativity with data-driven insights, they drive engagement, enhance brand loyalty, and propel growth, making them a trusted partner for businesses looking to make a significant mark in the digital landscape.


Contact Details

  • Branding and Design
  • Strategy
  • Creative Campaign
  • Content and Partnership
  • Technology
  • Media and Data
Contact+(65) 6339 0428
Clients includeNTUC My First Skool, DSO, Naturethings, Loominate, Digital Edge, Tourism Noosa, Tree Roots Entertainment Group, MAMEE, Cetaphil
Address19 Carpenter Street, Level 2, S059908


3. Design Bridge



Design Bridge is a renowned brand design agency celebrated for their exceptional creativity and strategic thinking. They specialise in crafting distinctive brand identities, innovative packaging designs, and compelling brand communications that resonate with audiences. At Design Bridge, the focus is on creating visually striking and strategically sound solutions that elevate brands and set them apart in the market. Their team of talented designers and strategists work collaboratively to ensure that every project not only looks impressive but also effectively communicates the brand’s message and values. By combining artistic flair with strategic insights, Design Bridge helps businesses build strong, memorable brands that drive engagement and loyalty.


Contact Details

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Creative Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Customer Journey Mapping
Contact+(65) 6224 2336
Clients includeNotpla, Eurovision 2023, Guinness, BBC, China Duty Free, Callaly, Padre, Holsten Edel, Smirnoff
Address60 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198906




Prophet is a globally recognised consultancy agency with a strong international presence, known for its interdisciplinary experts who offer a comprehensive suite of services. Their expertise spans consulting, experience design, and creative capabilities, all aimed at enabling and accelerating their clients’ growth. At Prophet, the focus is on delivering integrated solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities of each client. Their team of seasoned professionals collaborates across disciplines to craft strategies and experiences that drive meaningful results. By combining deep industry knowledge with innovative thinking, Prophet helps businesses transform and thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.


Contact Details

  • Brand Identity & Expression
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Core Business Growth
  • Campaign Activation & Media Strategy
  • Experience Strategy & Design
  • Digital Market Strategy
Contact+(65) 6721 3048
Clients includeMETLIFE, ULTA Beauty, Mineral, China United Airlines, G7 Connect, beflo, Josun Hotels & Resorts
Address71 Robinson Rd, #13-138 Singapore 068895

5. Landor



Landor is a heavyweight in the branding world, renowned for offering comprehensive services that span brand strategy, design, and engagement. Their holistic approach ensures that every aspect of your brand is meticulously aligned with your business goals. At Landor, the emphasis is on creating cohesive and impactful brand experiences that resonate with audiences and drive success. Their team of experts integrates strategic insights with creative excellence to develop brands that stand out and thrive in competitive markets. By focusing on alignment and consistency across all brand touchpoints, Landor helps businesses build strong, memorable brands that foster loyalty and achieve sustained growth.


Contact Details

  • Branding and Design
  • Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Brand Architecture
Contact+(65) 6671 3200
Clients includeRenault, Nike Kids, Kelloggs, BMW, Samsung
Address50 Scotts Road #04-02 Singapore 228242

6. iFoundries



Specialising in strategic planning and execution, iFoundries is a leading marketing and web development agency that excels at leveraging marketing technology and data to drive business growth for their clients. With a focus on creating data-driven strategies, iFoundries integrates advanced marketing technologies to deliver impactful solutions that enhance online presence and boost performance. Their team of experts is dedicated to understanding each client’s unique needs and crafting customised strategies that deliver measurable results. By combining strategic insights with cutting-edge technology, iFoundries helps businesses navigate the digital landscape, optimise their marketing efforts, and achieve sustainable growth.


Contact Details

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Web Design & Development
Contact+(65) 6995 3242
Clients includeHonda, Takashimaya, NTUC, Pepper Lunch, China Taiping, Goodrich Global, Comfort Delgro, Collin’s
Address114 Lavender Street, #12-84 CT HUB 2, Singapore 338729


7. Aspectus



Aspectus is a global agency renowned for its expertise in marketing and communications, dedicated to being results-focused and outcomes-driven to meet their clients’ business goals. By combining smart and strategic thinking with unrivalled experience in their sector, Aspectus delivers impactful solutions that drive success. Their team of seasoned professionals is committed to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of each client, crafting strategies that resonate and produce measurable results. With a focus on delivering excellence through every campaign, Aspectus ensures that their clients achieve their business objectives and stand out in the competitive market.


Contact Details

  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Services & SEO
  • Campaigns & Content
  • PR & CommunicationsBrand Insight & Strategy
Contact+(65) 6559 5302
Clients includeACA Group, Marks & Clerk, Baringa, Wealthify, Detected, COWI, InEight, Enteq, VoxSmart, OSTTRA
Address30 Raffles Pl, Singapore 048622


8. Gohan



Based in Singapore, Gohan excels in bringing clarity to the process of building and launching new companies and brands. Their expertise lies in helping clients identify and overcome obstructions that hinder their growth into impactful brands. Through their comprehensive strategy workshops, Gohan provides valuable insights and practical solutions that enable businesses to navigate challenges effectively. Their dedicated team guides clients through each step of the branding journey, ensuring a clear and strategic approach that aligns with their business goals. With Gohan, companies gain the clarity and direction needed to transform their vision into reality and make a lasting impact in the market.


Contact Details

  • Consultancy
  • Brand Strategies
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
Contact+(63) 917 508 9252
Clients includeZenrooms, BRAD, Kumu, FINSI, APYNA Mall, First Circle, Common Ground, AIC Group
Address3791 Jalan Bukit Merah, E-Centre Redhill, 159471 Singapore


9. DIA Brands



DIA Brands specialises in creating and managing brand identities that are both compelling and authentic. Their strategic approach ensures that your brand remains relevant and engaging in a fast-changing market. By focusing on authenticity and resonance, DIA Brands crafts identities that truly reflect the essence of each business. Their expert team combines creative flair with strategic insight to develop branding solutions that capture attention and build loyalty. With a keen understanding of market dynamics, DIA Brands ensures that your brand stays ahead of trends and continues to connect meaningfully with your audience.


Contact Details

  • Review Brand Impact
  • Reframe Brand Strategy
  • Regrow Brand Strength
Clients includeICA, Nature’s Wonders, Carlton Hotel Singapore, SkillsFuture, NTUC, Drama Centre, Sport Singapore
Address32A Kandahar St, Singapore 198891



10. Elmwood



Elmwood is a global brand consultancy with a strong presence in Singapore, dedicated to creating brands that are both visually stunning and strategically sound. Their approach ensures long-term success by combining aesthetic excellence with strategic insight. Elmwood’s team of experts works closely with clients to develop brand identities that captivate and resonate with audiences. By focusing on both creative innovation and strategic alignment, Elmwood helps businesses build strong, enduring brands that thrive in competitive markets.


Contact Details

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Experience
Contact+(65) 6223 3808
Clients includeHeineken, Danone, Haleon, Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, Mars
AddressThe Gateway, 150 Beach Rd, #01-02 Gateway West, Singapore 189720

11. R/GA



R/GA is a full-service digital agency that excels in creating transformative brand experiences. Their expertise spans across brand strategy, digital marketing, and innovative technology solutions. At R/GA, the focus is on leveraging cutting-edge technology and creative strategies to build dynamic, impactful brands. Their team of specialists collaborates to deliver integrated solutions that drive engagement and growth. By combining strategic thinking with technological innovation, R/GA ensures that every brand experience is compelling, memorable, and poised for success in the digital age.


Contact Details

  • Brand Design
  • Campaign & Content Design
  • Product & Experience Design
  • Relationship Design
Clients includeZig, SingLife, Nike Sync, Google Auditorial, FounderlandPAM, United Colors of Benetton, AdventHealth Care
Address40A Orchard Rd, #05-01 Singapore 238838


12. The Brand Theatre



The Brand Theatre offers a unique approach to branding by combining strategic insight with theatrical creativity. Their innovative methods help businesses create memorable brand experiences that leave a lasting impression. By blending the art of storytelling with strategic branding techniques, The Brand Theatre crafts engaging narratives that resonate deeply with audiences. Their team of experts works to ensure that every brand interaction is impactful and unforgettable, setting businesses apart in a competitive market. With The Brand Theatre, brands are not only built but brought to life in a way that captivates and endures.


Contact Details

  • Branding
  • Customer Service
  • Training & Consulting
  • Business Process Redesign
  • Manpower Management
Contact+(65) 6288 7812
Clients includeAdventus, Singapore Post, Ola Beach Club, Indian Heritage Centre, Wing Joo Loong, BOCA, Catholic Junior College
Address1 Jalan Kilang Timor, #06-01 Pacific Tech Centre, Singapore 159303

13. Studio DAM



Studio DAM is a branding consultancy and multi-disciplinary design studio dedicated to advancing their clients’ businesses by elevating them above the competition. They achieve this through carefully crafted brand strategies and an innovative approach to design. At Studio DAM, the focus is on creating distinctive, impactful brand identities that capture attention and foster loyalty. Their team of creative experts works closely with clients to develop solutions that not only meet but exceed their branding goals. By pushing the boundaries of design and strategy, Studio DAM ensures that their clients stand out in the marketplace and achieve sustained growth.


Contact Details

  • Brand Development
  • Story & Concept Building
  • Product Architecture
  • Strategy & Creative Development
  • Social Media Strategy
Contact+(65) 9731 2644
Clients includeThe Dog Grocer, First Health, Health In Our Garden, THUIS, BOB The Baker Boy, Evercasa, The Land Managers
Address1013 Geylang East Ave 3, #06-124, Singapore 389728

14. Sedgwick Richardson



Sedgwick Richardson focuses on creating sustainable brand strategies that drive business growth. Their comprehensive services include brand strategy, identity design, and corporate communications, all aimed at fostering long-term success. At Sedgwick Richardson, the team is dedicated to developing strategies that are not only effective but also environmentally and socially responsible. By combining strategic insight with creative excellence, they help businesses build strong, enduring brands that resonate with stakeholders. Their holistic approach ensures that every aspect of the brand is aligned with the company’s values and objectives, driving growth and sustainability in a competitive market.


Contact Details

  • Brand Building
  • Sustainability
  • Employer Branding
  • Investment Branding
  • Place Branding
Contact+(65) 6226 3948
Clients includeKeppel Land, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Citic Pacific Properties, MIK Group, Maxis, Prudential
Address787A New Bridge Road, Singapore

15. Mustard Seed Digital



Mustard Seed Digital’s core values lie in building brands by reimagining digital strategies and marketing approaches. They excel in refining brands through effective marketing and social media strategies, propelling their clients towards growth and success. At Mustard Seed Digital, the focus is on innovative thinking and strategic execution to create impactful brand experiences. Their team of experts works closely with clients to develop customised solutions that enhance brand visibility and engagement. By leveraging the latest digital trends and technologies, Mustard Seed Digital ensures their clients achieve remarkable results and sustained success in a competitive landscape.


Contact Details

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Media Strategy
Contact+(65) 8448 5028
Clients includePeugeot, Hertz, Republic Auto, Design Council Singapore, Promises, Qashier, Volvo, Food Folks, Foodfare, Kopitiam, OMROM
Address33 Ubi Avenue 3, #07-25 Vertex Lobby B, Singapore S408868


Selecting the right brand consultancy firm can be a game-changer for your business. The firms listed above are among the best in Singapore, each bringing unique strengths and expertise to the table. Whether you need a comprehensive brand strategy, a visual identity overhaul, or innovative digital solutions, these consultancies have the skills and experience to help you achieve your branding goals.

Choosing Creative For More for your branding consultancy in Singapore means partnering with a team that is as passionate about your success as you are. Our detailed, professional, and sincere approach ensures that your brand is not only well-defined but also well-positioned to achieve lasting success. Let us help you build a brand that stands out and makes a lasting impact in the Singapore market. Invest in your brand today and watch your business thrive in the competitive marketplace.