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The digital world that we know of – Google, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, does not exist in China. If you want to engage with Chinese consumers, understanding this space is increasingly important. Let us help you navigate through how to use new platforms for your brand to reach out to the Chinese community.


We are able to help you out with:
• China Account Setup across Chinese Platforms
• Content development and translation
• Social Media Strategy and Amplification
• Red KOL/KOC engagement & social-commerce
influencer marketing
• WeChat Mini-app development
• Public and media relations


1.44 Billion People

855 Million Internet Users


• Build customer personas
• Understand channel strategies
• Create concise messaging to include relevancy, empathy and cultural sensitivity
• Start rethinking your goals for social
• Connect social and sales channels seamlessly

Why Market to China?

What are the benefits?


Expand Your Reach

With over 860 million Chinese now connected online even brands from overseas are able to start gaining more visibility and brand awareness.


Overseas Brands Are Associated With Quality

Most Chinese consumers believe that foreign products are of higher quality and less likely to be counterfeit. That is an advantage for brands right of the bat.


Increase Your Sales

The patterns of commerce are dramatically changing in China and by freeing restrains from time and location, shoppers are no longer restricted to location to purchase your product.

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