Digital Trends of 2019 | What to watch out for?

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Digital Trends of 2019 | What to watch out for?

Digital Marketing is what’s hot in 2019. You can’t ignore it anymore. Times have changed and if you’re looking to reach your ideal customer, an online presence is crucial. With digital trends evolving every year, marketers need to be on the cusp of it all to stay ahead in the market and emerge at the top.


The world of digital marketing is always evolving.

Here’s our guide to the 7 important Digital Marketing trends to watch out for in 2019:

1. Omnichannel Marketing

If you’re familiar with the digital marketing landscape, chances are you would have heard this buzzword. However, it’s more than just that. Omnichannel Marketing uses various platforms to ensure the audience enjoy a multi-channel experience.


Omni Channel Marketing
The utilisation of various digital platforms is essential in 2019.

All channels should have a seamless and consistent voice at every touchpoint to build familiarity and engagement with potential customers. Some common channels to explore would include social media, email marketing, live broadcasts, smartphone apps and website. This strategy is particularly effective for consumer-facing brands as it increases customer retention, which in turn enhances your Return on Investment (ROI) in the long run.

2. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most versatile strategies in the marketing universe as it applies to all business types. Content Marketing organically fuels your business’ position. To be considered effective, businesses need to research their target audience to understand their interests and produce specialised content. Content marketing is a trusted method among marketers due to its low cost and long-term benefits compared to other methods such as paid search. 

Content Marketing remains as one of the most popular trends.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may have sounded like a gimmick back then, but not anymore. AI is expected to change digital marketing in the years to come. AI tools are used to interpret complex data, customer behaviour and deployed for various applications such as content marketing, customer service and advertising.


Some practical means in which AI is already present in our lives:

  • Gmail Smart Compose & Reply
  • Facebook Messenger’s auto-responses
  • Understanding Buyer decisions (Amazon)
  • Content recommendation and analysing (Netflix)
AI is useful to understand concepts that the human brain can’t grasp.

With technological developments, more AI tools are becoming accessible to the average marketer.

4. Chatbots

Chatbots are essentially a virtual concierge, that helps with customer enquiries in real-time. Chatbots are usually presented in text chat windows and extremely functional as they provide users with personalized and focused interaction, without putting a strain on human manpower. According to Grand View Research, 45% of end-users like using chatbots as a communication tool in customer service.

Chatbots have effectively improved customer service.

Chatbot uses have been evolving and now also used for lead qualification, shopping assistance and talent recruiting.

5. Personalised Marketing

If you want your business to stand out in 2019, personalised marketing is a MUST. Data such as purchase history and consumer behaviour are readily available and creating custom content has never been easier. We all love it when the barista gets our name right for our takeaway order and this is precisely why personalised marketing is needed. People are appreciative when their preferred brands recognise them and care about their experiences. According to a Forbes survey, 44% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company again after a personalized shopping experience.

Interactivity and engagement play a huge part in the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

In summary, marketing personalisation enhances brand loyalty, brand consistency and revenue.

6. Social Media Stories

Social Media is arguably one of the most powerful tools available for businesses. The opportunity to go viral is always there! Instagram, is considered one of the fastest-growing platforms and has passed one billion users in a short period. Stories were first introduced on Snapchat and over time, Instagram and Facebook have released their versions too.

Brands have been favouring Instagram due to its rapid growth and reach.

WHY STORIES? As these stories disappear after 24 hours, it’s a perfect way to maintain constant engagement with users on timely matters. With stories, brands can increase awareness, increase traffic to webpages and use the opportunity to reach out to younger audiences. Stories have also been increasingly used to get product or service reviews from the audience.

7. Video Marketing

What’s so special about video marketing? Users generally prefer visually engaging content. According to MarketingCharts, the most important personal driver for users when sharing content is the desire to connect with people, share knowledge, or bring awareness to an issue. This is most commonly done through a video that is funny or entertaining. Furthermore, 48% of digital audiences are made of millennials and Generation Z users (Nielson, 2017). Hence, it’s important to present content in a way that is best understood by them.

Live broadcasts on social media platforms is definitely popular among Millenials.

WHAT’S HOT: Live video is used among businesses for interviews, product demos and behind-the-scenes of the brand, which further enhances the customer-business relationship.

It’s challenging to keep up with these trends as we approach the futuristic future, but it’s essential to ensure you don’t fall behind the curve. So, get on with the times and stay updated on the constantly evolving innovation that is digital marketing!