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Leverage on the power of thought leaders and social media influencers to spread brand awareness for your business. Influencer Marketing is a powerful tool that can enrich your content strategy, increase brand awareness, build trust and credibility and steer your organisation towards success.

Type of Influencer


An Influencer is invited to takeover your brand's social media account(s) for and agreed upon time-frame and use their own platform to cross-promote.


An influencer shares brand approved content on his or her own platform.


An influencer galvanizes their to participate in a contest and the prize is the brand's product or service.


An Influencer guest blogs on your brand's website and promotes the content with linkbacks from their own platforms.


An influencer reviews a product or service and advocates for it on their platforms.


An influencer livestreams their experience with your brand's product or service at a designated time and place.

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Influencer marketing involves identifying and engaging with thought-leaders who can create meaningful conversations around your brand. We match brands with the right individuals to reach your targeted audiences. Reach out to us today to find out more.