Jalan Besar Town Council is committed to providing the best possible service for residents and our role was to use social media as a medium to build an authentic network as well as keep the community engaged.

Engaging the Heart of the Community: Revitalising Jalan Besar Town Council’s Social Media Presence


In the vibrant community of Jalan Besar, our marketing agency embarked on a mission to breathe new life into the Town Council’s social media presence, forging stronger connections with residents and showcasing the council’s dedication to service. Through a carefully crafted strategy that encompassed content realignment, diverse and engaging storytelling, and improved online responsiveness, we successfully transformed Jalan Besar Town Council’s digital landscape, nurturing an authentic and thriving online community.

Our approach to transforming Jalan Besar Town Council’s social media presence began with a comprehensive restructuring of their content pillars to ensure relevance and visual appeal, resonating with the community’s interests and preferences. We developed a diverse array of content, highlighting local businesses, community contributors, fun facts, interactive trivia, behind-the-scenes glimpses, unique architecture, and interviews with council members, all while maintaining a cohesive and consistent brand voice and tone. In parallel, we concentrated on enhancing JBTC’s social media responsiveness, improving their response time, and bolstering their crisis management capabilities, ultimately enabling the council to better connect with and support its residents online.

  • Top Three Councils on Social Media:
    Within a few months, our efforts propelled JBTC into the top three councils in Singapore on social media.
  • Substantial Organic Engagement Growth:
    Our content strategy led to a 67% increase in organic engagement, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach in capturing the community’s attention and interest.
  • Faster Response Time:
    We successfully improved JBTC’s social media response time by 2x, allowing the council to address residents’ concerns and matters of urgency more efficiently and effectively.

By revitalising Jalan Besar Town Council’s social media strategy and crafting engaging, diverse content, we successfully fostered a more authentic and lively online community. Our efforts not only improved the council’s social media rankings and organic engagement but also strengthened the bond between the council and its residents, showcasing JBTC’s unwavering commitment to serve the heart of the community.

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