Social Media Explorers – Unlocking the Digital World

Empower your children to become digital-savvy and explore the exciting world of social media with our engaging and educational workshop.

Designed specifically for primary school students, this workshop will introduce them to the fundamentals of social media, teach them about the role of marketing agencies, and inspire them to consider social media as a potential career path.

In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives. It’s important for children to develop a healthy understanding of social media platforms and learn how to navigate them responsibly and effectively. Our workshop is tailored to provide a safe and educational environment where children can gain valuable insights into the world of social media.


What will your child learn?

In our flexible and adaptive workshop, we offer an enriching curriculum that can be tailored to focus on aspects that are a priority for your child or student group, ensuring a personalized and focused learning experience.

Here is a summarised overview of the core components of our workshop:

What is Social Media?

  • Social Media Platforms: Overview of prominent platforms and understanding their distinct features.
  • Importance of Social Media: Grasping the pivotal role that social media plays in today’s society and industries.
  • Target Audiences: Techniques to effectively pinpoint and engage with diverse audience groups.
  • Key Messaging: Crafting impactful messages that resonate with targeted audiences.
  • Content Pillars: Building a solid foundation for consistent and engaging content creation.
  • Influencer Marketing: A glimpse into the collaborative world of influencer marketing and its significance in contemporary strategies.
  • Successful Social Media Campaigns: A walkthrough of successful campaigns, focusing on the elements that contributed to their triumph.

Education Path for a Social Media Marketing Executive

  • Career Prospects: Exploring the various potential career paths and roles available in the social media sphere.
  • Required Skills: Unveiling the essential skills necessary to thrive as a social media marketing executive.
  • Educational Pathways: Mapping out the educational avenues that lead to a prosperous career in social media marketing.

We understand that different groups may have varied learning objectives, and we are more than happy to adjust the focus and depth of each module according to your specific needs and interests. This flexibility ensures that students garner the most value, concentrating on areas that are aligned with their educational or professional aspirations.

Why choose our workshop?

Choosing our workshop means investing in a proven and industry-acclaimed program that aids in shaping your child’s future adeptness in the digital realm. Here are the compelling reasons why our workshop stands out:

  • Extensive Digital Marketing and Social Media Experience: With a rich history of working with over 1000 clients across a myriad of industries, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Our experience allows us to incorporate real-world insights and examples into our curriculum, providing a well-rounded view of the social media landscape.
  • Seasoned Facilitators: Our team is composed of seasoned industry professionals who have a vast experience in the digital marketing and social media domain. They bring with them a treasure trove of knowledge, not only imparting education but also inspiring the participants with insights from their professional journeys.
  • Safe and Educational Environment: We prioritise creating a nurturing space where children can learn the intricacies of social media without any concerns. Our workshops promote critical thinking and foster creativity, allowing students to explore the digital realm in a secure and supportive setting.
  • A Solid Curriculum: Our curriculum is not just an educational pathway but a forward-thinking guide that aligns perfectly with the current industry trends and demands. We stay abreast with the evolving digital landscape, constantly updating our modules to include the latest developments in the social media world.
  • Career Exploration: Beyond just understanding social media, we inspire students to envision potential career paths in the sector. We open doors for them to explore the myriad opportunities that the digital world offers, giving them a head start in considering exciting career avenues.
  • Partnerships with Schools and Parents: We believe in collaborating closely with schools and parents to curate the best possible learning experience. Our partnership aims to align our workshop goals with the educational objectives of schools and the aspirations parents have for their children, creating a cohesive and beneficial learning journey.

By choosing our workshop, you are entrusting your child’s digital education to a team that is both experienced and dedicated to fostering a generation of responsible and skilled digital marketers and social media experts!

Can you tailor a workshops or presentation to our specific industry or company needs?

Absolutely, we pride ourselves on our flexible and adaptive approach. Our team can craft a customised workshop or presentation that aligns with the unique needs of your industry or company. This includes tailoring the content, activities, and case studies to provide a relevant and enriching learning experience for the participants.

What kind of follow up support is provided after the workshop or presentation?

Post-workshop, we continue to foster the learning experience through:

  • Access to a range of digital resources and learning materials to reinforce the concepts taught.
  • A follow-up webinar series where students can delve deeper into specific topics of interest.
  • Email support for parents and teachers to address any queries or concerns.
  • Opportunities for students to collaborate on projects and showcase their newly acquired skills.

How do you ensure confidentiality and protect our company's proprietary information?

We adhere to stringent data protection and privacy policies to safeguard the wellbeing and privacy of all participants.

This includes:

  • Compliance with all relevant data protection laws and regulations.
  • Ensuring all our facilitators and staff undergo regular training on data protection and confidentiality.
  • Utilising secure platforms and encrypted communication channels for online sessions.
  • Not recording or storing any personal information beyond what is necessary for the workshop.
  • Actively promoting safe and responsible online behaviors throughout our workshop to instill a culture of privacy and security in young digital natives.

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