Meta’s ‘Threads’: The Swiftly Rising Social Media Platform – Implications and Opportunities for Modern Business Strategies

Meta’s ‘Threads’: The Swiftly Rising Social Media Platform – Implications and Opportunities for Modern Business Strategies

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has launched a new rival to Twitter called ‘Threads’, which has amassed over 60 million registered users in a mere two days since its release.

The remarkable adoption rate of Threads within such a short timeframe is an event that calls for attention. This indicates that Threads could possibly have both the momentum and potential to be a major player in the social media space.

Threads’ potential is yet to be fully discovered. However, the initial observation suggests that it serves as a platform for quick content, initiating casual dialogues, and amplifying brand visibility. 

There isn’t a function for paid advertising yet, so endorsements or re-shared posts concerning your business will carry a sense of authenticity.

Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s Chief, advises that content shared on Threads should aim to stimulate conversations and foster connections.

Based on our observation so far, Threads is a platform where posts that don’t fit into your Instagram grid can find a home. Businesses have spent years curating their feed, and even Instagram stories are more polished than ever before. For individual accounts, this trend inhibits users from posting freely, as they are concerned about disturbing their feed’s aesthetic. In the case of business accounts, maintaining a degree of brand consistency through design is a vital consideration. Hence, Threads emerges as a platform likely to rejuvenate users’ enthusiasm for posting more raw, unfiltered content without the concern of disrupting their meticulously maintained aesthetic feeds.

Here is what you can currently do on Threads:

  • Post text (up to 500 characters) 
  • Images and Photos (up to 10) 
  • Videos (up to 5 min.) 
  • Outbound Links 
  • Carousels 
  • .gifs (via the Giphy app)

Another significant aspect to consider is that

  • No Hashtags
    • You cannot make use of hashtags. Threads lets you use hashtags in a post, but it is not clickable, which defeats the purpose.
  • No Direct messaging (DMs)
    • Direct messaging (DMs) is not a feature available on Threads. The current version does not support direct messaging capabilities, which implies that you cannot exchange private messages with other users.

Businesses can leverage Threads for quick content, casual dialogues, and authentic endorsements, without the reliance on paid advertising. It offers a space for raw, unfiltered content, breaking free from curated aesthetics. As businesses adapt to Threads’ unique features, they can connect with customers in new and engaging ways. 

It’s important for businesses to adapt to the unique opportunities each social media platform presents so we look forward to see what else this platform can do in the future. With its current functionalities and future developments, Threads has the power to reshape business-customer interactions in the social media landscape.

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