Take your business to the next level this Christmas with these tips and tricks!

Take your business to the next level this Christmas with these tips and tricks!

HO HO HO. It’s our favourite time of the year again! Festive cheer aside, the sales that come with it are always on everyone’s minds. The demand for products and services hit an all-time high as everyone’s busy shopping for gifts for their loved ones. Did you know that consumers are more likely to spend during this season?

With that, it’s no surprise that the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for marketers. Planning and preparing holiday marketing campaigns are a lot of effort but when executed well, they can be the perfect tool to connect with customers. If you’ve yet to incorporate any holiday deals for your brand, fret not! With Christmas around the corner, we’ve got the exclusive scoop on how brands can drive sales this gift-giving season.

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Why should brands take part in holiday campaigns?


1. High ROI

For starters, this is the shop-till-you-drop season. After almost a year of hustling hard, everyone deserves a sweet treat. With year-end bonuses hitting the bank and just the thought of starting with a new slate next year, shoppers partake in holiday shopping like never before. In addition, online shopping has been established as a growing trend among consumers. According to Adobe Analytics, online holiday shopping hit a total of $126 billion in 2018, which is a 16.5% increase from the previous year. With such obvious demand, it is crucial for brands to invest in their holiday marketing spend to advertise offers and discounts as the return on investment (ROI) is higher than other times of the year. A survey by the National Retail Federation found that 65% of holiday purchases are directly influenced by sales and promotions.


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2. Build Customer Loyalty

The holiday season can be a stressful time for customers due to the endless available options. Every brand is vying for customers’ attention and it’s the best time for brands to get creative and stand out with their exceptional offers and customer service. Brands can also use this opportunity to show their appreciation for long-time customers by engaging with them better with exclusive rewards. According to Finextra, organisations with higher than average levels of engagement realized 50% higher customer loyalty levels. As marketers, we’re customers ourselves and it’s important to reflect from that perspective. Competition is growing every passing day and we’ve to constantly let customers know that their support is greatly valued. This way, customers are more likely to return again and retention levels are multiplied. Furthermore, with digital marketing and use of means such as social media and email marketing, marketers are able to connect with these customers with much more ease and efficiency so it’s advisable to tap into customers’ responsiveness to good service during this season to build customer loyalty for your brand in the long run.

3. Increased Brand Awareness and Exposure

Thinking out of the box is key to multiplying your brand’s promotional mileage. Many brands gain new customers through word of mouth during this season as some holiday campaigns are just too good and have to be shared! Social media has enabled brand awareness to reach a whole new level with the ‘sharing’ function. Consumers are generally more receptive to exploring new brands at this time as they are looking for the best deals and are prone to sharing good deals with their friends’ circle on social media.


Tips and tricks to make a successful holiday campaign

Christmas in Singapore is a competitive time for brands, especially in this digital age. We’ve seen brands evolve from providing just discounts to creative holiday campaigns that accentuate their brand presence over the years. Hence, it’s a challenge to gain customers’ attention during this time, but with the right tools, businesses can go a long way!

Here are some ideas on holiday marketing:

1. Personalization and interactivity

Customers love to be involved in the process. By incorporating more interactive elements, customers get personalised attention and this, in turn, increases the word of mouth on said marketing. An example of such interactivity includes Heineken’s Christmas ‘Gift-o-rater’ online portal, which was launched as part of its ‘All I want for Christmas is Heineken’ campaign. The gift-o-rater proposed exchanging cringeworthy Christmas gifts for something more worthwhile – a Heineken.

The reception was great with the website engaging over 73,000 users and having more than 13 million media impressions. This boosted the overall sales of Heineken during the Christmas season as well.


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2. Free Goodies

Christmas is the season of giving after all! Instead of being seen as just a promotional gimmick, giving back to the community allows brands to establish a connection with customers.

DBS’ ‘Everybody loves somebody’ campaign was launched on the traditional notion of selfless Christmas giving, but with a cheeky spin to it. The campaign advertised an attractive deal of $50,000 worth of prizes to be won when you spend more (on others) with your DBS cards. This was communicated via online means such as social media and eDMs. This holiday campaign saw over a million unique video views and 23% YOY card spend increase.


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3. Highlight the brand’s social responsibility

More and more consumers are prioritising social responsibility when it comes to shopping experiences. This is particularly a rising trend with millennials, who are taking a stand with their retail choices. Hence, it’s important for brands to highlight their social responsibility on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to establish their position in society. Local design retailer, Naiise has been supporting children charities in Singapore, since 2014. The initiative first started when the team wanted to help those in need during the season of giving and has since expanded into a yearly Christmas campaign. Naiise has partnered with Touch Community Services’ Touch Young Arrows programme to produce 14 exclusive Christmas cards for sale, with proceeds going towards fundraising efforts for Touch. The children were also treated to a crafts workshop. Naiise has also collaborated with other organisations such as Club rainbow and Volkswagen and successfully executed other similar campaigns. Naiise used its social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to advertise its cause and gain support from its customers. Using these platforms allowed Naiise to reach out to a wider audience, which not only expands its brand exposure but also allows its campaign to reach its maximum potential.

The use of social media has revolutionized the world of marketing. Black Friday may be over but Christmas isn’t! Many marketers procrastinate on their Christmas campaigns as are fearful of disappointing results. It’s critical to explore fresh ideas so that you can learn from your mistakes. Christmas season is the prime time to market your business to the next level. Get inspired and spread the holiday cheer with a creative and engaging digital Christmas campaign today!