Unleash the Power of AI for Your SME

Learn from the secret strategies of industry leaders to get 10X more effective returns for your marketing and sales campaigns

Why This Program?

Our training program has been trusted by MNCs and SMEs alike. With a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on examples, and experienced trainers, we prepare you for the future of AI marketing. Your journey towards masteing ChatGPT and Generative AI tools in marketing begins right now!


Exclusive Preview Session
– Your First Step Towards AI Mastery

In this power-packed 60-minute preview session, learn how to revolutionize your SME’s growth with AI. Understand how ChatGPT can supercharge your lead generation, sales conversion, and email marketing strategies.

Plus, every participant gets a free eBook! Our eBook ‘Prompts: The SME’s Secret Weapon for Marketing and Sales Leads’, is packed with practical strategies, tips, and prompt hacks that can help redefine your SME’s lead generation and sales conversion strategy.

In 60 minutes, we will share:


Unearth the AI strategies used by industry leaders


Discover the power of ChatGPT to drive leads and sales for your business


Create persuasive marketing emails using AI


Use ChatGPT to generate creative and effective ideas for your social media posts.


Invest in yourself and your company marketing’s ROI

Investment – $888

Investment value of $2,500. Sign up now to enjoy savings of $1,612. An investment for a brighter future for your SME.

Preview Sessions


Friday 29th September 2023 6.45pm to 7.45pm (Ended)


Friday 27th October 2023 6.45pm to 7.45pm (Ended)

Full Day Master Course


Friday 25th November 2023 9am to 6pm

What to expect for our upcoming 1 day online workshop

10X CHATGPT Approach in Getting Leads and Sales – Cheaper, Faster, Better

Embark on a transformative journey into the future of marketing with our exclusive workshop.

• Unleash the power of generative AI and command ChatGPT, a groundbreaking tool that’s redefining the industry.

• Master the art of crafting compelling marketing funnels that seamlessly guide your customers from curiosity to commitment.

• Generate content that resonates, persuades, and converts at every stage of your funnel. This isn’t just a workshop, it’s a revolution. A revolution that equips you with the skills to overhaul your digital marketing strategy and drive unprecedented results. Don’t just keep pace with the future, shape it. Join us, and seize the power to transform your marketing destiny.

The future is here. Are you ready?


Our Happy Clients

Don’t take our word for it.

Our past participants can’t stop raving about this workshop. ‘A game-changer for my business,’ says one SME owner. ‘I’ve never felt more confident in my marketing strategy,’ reports a startup founder. Join us and experience the transformation for yourself.

Tom’s bespoke coaching, rooted in his deep understanding of chatGPT AI marketing, has been instrumental in my professional growth. He has shown me how to utilise AI to craft unique, captivating content, and respond swiftly and appropriately to user engagement. His guidance has enabled me to harness chatGPT’s potential for personalising content at scale and optimising engagement strategies.

Willie Tan

Deputy Head, Invest HK

Tom’s coaching in chatGPT and content marketing has significantly enhanced our SCAPE team’s skills in content ideation and generation. His tailored mentorship has empowered us to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders, boosting our confidence and harmonizing our content marketing approach.

Lingual Tan

Head of Communications, SCAPE

Tom’s expert guidance has significantly transformed my understanding and application of enhancing marketing funnels and Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies. His customized coaching methodology, combined with his wealth of practical techniques, has empowered me to optimize marketing funnels and implement GTM approaches with newfound confidence and ease.

Donovan Kik

SVP, StarHub

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5 Awesome Learning Outcomes


Understand AI in Marketing:

Step into the future of marketing. Learn about generative AI, even if you're new to the field.


Create Effective Funnels with AI:

Learn to build marketing funnels with ChatGPT. Guide your customers from first glance to final action.


Master ChatGPT:

Discover ChatGPT, a powerful AI tool. Use it to boost your marketing like never before.


Generate Engaging AI Content:

Use ChatGPT to create content that grabs attention and persuades, for every stage of your funnel.


Revamp Your Marketing Strategy:

Leave this workshop with practical skills to transform your digital marketing and achieve better results.

Who is this master course for?

This workshop is designed for:

SME Owners:

If you’re looking to scale your business and stay ahead of the competition, this workshop will equip you with the tools and strategies to do just that.


For those who are carving out their own path in the business world, this workshop will provide you with cutting-edge knowledge to make your mark.

Startup Owners:

In the fast-paced world of startups, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. This workshop will give you the edge you need.


Hosted By:

Tom Goh
Digital Polymath

Tom, an esteemed Branding, Content Marketing, and Storytelling Strategist, brings a wealth of experience spanning two decades, significantly from his extensive involvement in the AI industry, specifically focusing on chatGPT-4 and AI marketing training. C-suite executives and ambitious startups alike look to him as a guiding light in the competitive business landscape due to his reputable authority.

Having steered the helm at leading agencies such as Ogilvy One, Havas Media, and Hill & Knowlton, and having filled senior marketing positions at Citibank, SingTel, and Skype, Tom has demonstrated his exceptional proficiency in building powerful brand narratives and strategic marketing plans. As a coveted consultant, Tom is the proud holder of the PMC certification for EDG Grants under Enterprise Singapore. Tom's unique skills in designing and conducting content marketing and storytelling masterclasses is underscored by his partnerships with renowned organizations such as SCAPE, OTIS, Becton Dickson, Huawei, Chang Beer, and Cerebos. His unique perspective, honed through his experience with chatGPT-4 and AI marketing training, brings a fresh and practical approach to these masterclasses.

On his path towards earning a PhD, Tom already has a Master's degree in Banking and Finance along with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. As an ACTA-accredited trainer, his certification list is comprehensive and includes digital media, digital & content marketing, design thinking, and notably, AI marketing, with a special focus on chatGPT-4 training.

Tom's commitment to cultivating the next generation of digital pioneers is palpable through his presidency at the Interaction Design Foundation in Singapore and his adjunct lectureship at NUS, SMU, and SIT University. His experience with chatGPT-4 and AI marketing is not just a value-add but a cornerstone in his teachings and leadership in these roles.