5 Ways Brands Can Leverage On Interactive Trends on Instagram

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5 Ways Brands Can Leverage On Interactive Trends on Instagram

Instagram, played a big role in keeping everyone connected during the Covid-19 lockdown. The content on Instagram has also evolved beyond just forming social networks. Instagram’s story function in particular has taken social interactions to a whole new level. Here are some examples of what’s been trending over the past few months. There is a huge opportunity for brands to increase brand awareness by setting up their own branded Instagram Story Template and/or AR filters to incentivize their readers to engage and share the content.


So, what is an Instagram Story Template?

Instagram story templates have been around for a while, but since everyone was isolated during the lockdown, its popularity has massively increased because users were looking for a way to connect with their friends online. Instagram Story templates are easy to screenshot, overlay with text, re-post, and share. Due to its ease of usage, businesses have latched on to this trend to increase brand awareness for their products and services.


1. Bingo



Businesses have hopped on the BINGO bandwagon to create their own templates in relation to their products or service offerings. Gong cha Singapore has incorporated their bubble tea variations onto their BINGO card. This allowed them to promote new bubble tea specialties and boost sales by encouraging users to check off as many circles (aka bubble tea flavors they have tried).


2. This or That?



Similar to bingo, This or That templates have also increased in popularity. This is another form of interactivity where users can tag friends to re-post and participate in this ‘get-to-know-each-other’ game. Users have to select an option between the two provided. Innisfree has leveraged on this by linking their product offerings to present-day trends such as whipping Dalgona coffee and playing Animal crossing during this circuit breaker period. Their template was current, thus relatable to their followers during the lockdown.

Instagram Filters…

And no we are not referring to filters that beautify your shots. Those have been in the market for quite some time now. Introducing the AR Filters aka. Interactive Augmented Reality Filters, also known as ‘effects’. In order to access these filters, you typically have to see someone else using it, then activate it from your own story to use.

Here are some examples:

3. Quiz Filters

The most popular interactive filters are the unpredictable ones like ‘Guess which Disney character are you’ or ‘What XXX are you?’ where you face the camera to auto-generate a random result. Through the process, your reaction is recorded and you can choose to post it on your own stories so that your followers can have a good laugh.


Oreo’s “What Cookie Are You” filter featured all their flavors. Brands can leverage this opportunity to create their own branded filter to generate earned media. Each time the branded filter is used and posted, viewers can click into the brands’ profile to learn more about what the brand has to offer.

4. Game Filters

What better way to engage users than through games? And guess what?… *drumroll*… Instagram stories has a gaming function too! The engagement and share probability of game filters are high because users are constantly trying to beat their friend’s high scores.




DBS Bank created this game as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign to raise awareness of the high production of waste attributed to fast fashion. Their goal with this filter is to advocate the reuse of clothes – vs – purchasing new ones. Players blink to enable the clothes to fly and not land on the pile of waste.


5. Fashion Filters

Online shopping is the new retail trend but many consumers are still hesitant to check out because they want to know how they would look in certain apparel or products. With Instagram AR filters, this problem is solved because you can ‘try on’ products virtually to see if it suits you before purchasing.




Dior recently launched its Spring-Summer Collection for 2020 and its filter enabled users to try on the different colors of the Jardin Patchwork Hat series. It is almost as if customers are present at the store trying the items.

Brands can leverage these creative and fun ways to increase brand awareness and boost the sales of their products or services! Start innovating today!