50 Ways To Step Up Your Social Media Content Game!

If you’re a social media manager, you would be able to relate to the constant dilemma of not wanting to sound like a broken record on your brand’s social media pages. The struggle is real! Working on a social content calendar is a challenging task as your followers want fresh content regularly and you do not want to disappoint. 


The days of recycled posts are over. We have put together a list of not one, but 50 social media ideas to step up your content game. Are you ready for the extra engagements and followers? 


1. Make/Share a meme to connect and engage with your followers! Take note of the appropriateness though. Otherwise, it may come off as cringy.



(Netflix totally wins the social media game.



2. Share an infographic instead of text. In this digital age, there is an information overload. Sharing graphics would make your content stand out!


3. Give your followers some behind-the-scenes! Featuring the people behind your brand reveals your authenticity and builds a personal connection.


(Getting into that Christmas festivity with advertising agency, 72andsunny.



4. Create short video clips. Video content marketing is a MUST with social media! Video posts get more shares than text posts. 


5. Run polls. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have poll functions now. This is an easy way to boost engagement and receive feedback from your followers.


(Airbnb uses this opportunity to get to know its customers better.


6. Reward your loyal followers with a promotion. This is a great way to retain your followers! 


7. “Tag a friend” This versatile post idea engages your followers and increases your brand’s traction. 


8. User-generated content is the way to go. Get users to share pictures and share them on your profile! When you share a photo posted by your followers, you build a relationship with them.



(Photoshop uses its platform to share work by various artists.


9. Have a conversation about the latest happenings with your followers. BE RELATABLE! It doesn’t always have to be about your business.


10. #ThrowbackThursdays Celebrate your brand’s milestones!


(Hop on the nostalgia train.


11. Share fun facts about your brand. Everyone loves trivia!


12. Share Spotify Playlists! Music has the universal charm and we surely appreciate a good #MondayMotivation Playlist.


13. Express your corporate social responsibility. It’s no surprise that newer generations are socially conscious. Tell your followers what you care about!


(Starbucks does CSR right.


14. Work with other brands on special promotions or content! Co-marketing has proven to be a success among brands with a similar target audience.


15. Instagram takeovers! Work with your local influencers to cross-promote and collaborate. Combining two audiences will increase engagement!



(Photoshop taps into its community of popular artists to do tutorials.


16. ‘Fill in the blank’ posts. Here’s one way you can get creative. You’d be surprised at how many replies these posts draw!


17. Share motivational quotes. This could get real cheesy but if done correctly, your audiences would be able to relate. If not quotes, song lyrics could work too!

(Fenty Beauty does it right!


18. Create a weekly/monthly series tackling various themes. You gotta keep it exciting! 


19. Acknowledge local festivities. The holiday season is one way to get people involved.


(Walt Disney’s nostalgic holiday cheer definitely lifts spirits!


20. Increase your email signups by sharing the link on socials. Not all your followers may be on your mailing list.


21. Have a little fun with just emojis. According to HootSuite, using emojis in tweets can increase engagement by 25.4% and using them in Facebook posts can increase engagement by 57%. 


(Here’s IHOP celebrating its birthday using emojis.


22. Host an interview People love reading/watching exclusive content and interviews are perfect edutainment!


23. Run a giveaway. According to a study by Tailwind, accounts that hold Instagram contests grow their followers 70% faster than those that don’t. After all, who can resist freebies?    



(I mean, who wouldn’t want $10,000?



24. Have a Live Q&A. You can answer FAQs and listen to your followers’ suggestions. Absolute win-win!


25. Get your followers to do a quick survey. Understand your followers better and prepare tailored content in the future!


26. Monthly/Weekly round-up post. Your followers aren’t going to see all your posts and having a round-up post allows them to stay updated.


27. Funny posts utilizing GIFs Who doesn’t love reading funny posts? With GIFs, this has become even easier!


28. Introduce your team. People generally love associating faces with a brand. It makes everything more personable. 



(Put the spotlight on your team.


29. “This Day in History This makes for a great filler post, but of course, make sure it’s relevant to your brand’s industry.


30. “Caption this” Share a photo and get your followers to caption it and then, LOL at the responses!


(Reading the comments can be therapeutic for yourself too!


31. Establish your credibility by sharing a customer testimonial/review.


32. “Fan of the Week” post. Incentivise your loyal followers by acknowledging their support.


33. Comment on trending topics This one is time-sensitive so make sure to capitalise on topical content!



(Here’s Arby’s tapping on the hype overs Stranger Things’ release


34. Post your job ads Your next team member could already be a follower of your brand!


35. “Like/Share if…” This simple but effective post keeps it fun for your brand to interact with your followers.


36. Photo collages Posts with photos generally receive a higher engagement rate and are just visually pleasing as well!


37. Create and share quizzes Buzzfeed quizzes are everyone’s secret guilty pleasure, so why not try something similar for your brand?


buzzfeed-quizzes(Are Buzzfeed quizzes your guilty pleasure?


38. Countdowns Tease a big announcement and watch your followers count skyrocket!


39. Respond to your followers Having a conversation is a crucial aspect of brand building. Add a humorous twist for more engagements!  



(Wendy’s is known for its witty responses on Twitter.


40. “TGIF” posts Celebrate the end of the week with your followers.


41. Thank your followers Sometimes, a little gratitude goes a long way.


42. The “How to/DIY” post. Show your followers that learning can be fun!



(Lush shows how versatile their products can be.


43. Share Quick hacks Whatever your industry is, quick hacks are a fan favourite with everyone. Videos work best for this one!


44. The “Would you rather” question Not all content has to be serious/brand-related. Sometimes, a light-hearted conversation is all your followers want!


45. Create aesthetically pleasing visuals for statistics! Do you have interesting statistics to share? Stick with eye-catching visuals instead of numbers! 


(As a brand that’s focused on streams, Spotify uses visuals like this to share exciting statistics!



46. Post Boomerangs These looping videos are suitable for any occasion. Showcase a product or simply share your company culture!


47. Share photos of your workspace Trust us, people really like to see photos of different workspaces! 



(You can totally be inspired by co-working spaces!


48. Post Industry news Social media can also be used for educational purposes.


49. LIVE Tweet Insider scoop is a valuable tool. If you are at an event/launch, let your followers know!


50. Post partner promotions Reward your followers with a quick treat while also showing appreciation to your working partners!


The next time you think you’ve run out of context to post, think again. Marketing in the digital world is all about creativity and breaking boundaries. Implement these witty tactics and thank us later!