Creative For More: Business Matching Service

Expand your business effortlessly in Japan

Understanding Your Unique Needs:

We recognize that every business has its unique challenges and requirements. Our team is committed to understanding these variations and providing tailored solutions. Whether you’re looking to establish your business overseas, find reliable partners, source suppliers, or promote your business in foreign markets, we’re here to help. Our extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the Japanese markets make us your ideal partner for business expansion.


Unlock New Opportunities in Japan with Ease and Efficiency

pagoda-icon Hassle-Free Market Entry

Navigating the complexities of overseas expansion can be daunting. That's why our Business Matching Service eliminates the need for product registration, allowing you to focus on what matters most - growing your business. Leave the administrative burdens to us and step into your new market with confidence.

japan-visual Efficient Strategy, Faster Results

Identifying the right partners and distributors is key to a successful market entry. Our service fast-tracks this process by connecting you with potential partners who have established channels and customer bases. This approach not only speeds up market entry but also ensures a more efficient strategy tailored to your business goals.

tree-icon Cost-Effective Solutions

Venturing into new markets involves financial risks. Our Business Matching Service helps you manage these risks with a cost-capped approach. We focus on minimizing expenses while maximizing opportunities, ensuring a balanced and strategic market entry.

yen-icon Enhanced Competitiveness

By expanding into larger overseas markets, your business can achieve new levels of competitiveness. Gain market share, benefit from economies of scale, and strengthen your position both internationally and in your home market.

Business Expansion Support: Your Gateway to Japan


Comprehensive Services for Market Entry and Growth

Creative For More is your dedicated partner in navigating the complexities of Southeast Asian markets, ensuring a smooth and successful business expansion journey.

Market Understanding:

Market Research, Go-To-Market Strategy, Competitor Analysis.

Market Entry:

Finding Distributors, Business Matching, Exhibitions & Trade Missions.

Business Growth:

Lead Generation, Market Immersion Program.

Unlock New Opportunities in Japan with Ease and Efficiency

Facilitating Business Connections

We specialize in bridging the gap between businesses in Singapore and potential partners in Japan. We streamline the process of connecting with potential distributors, resellers, or end customers, ensuring efficient and effective market entry.

Overcoming Market Entry Challenges

Do you find it challenging to establish connections with companies in Japan due to the language barrier and/or cultural differences? Are you encountering difficulties in identifying suitable partners or customers in your target market? Is direct outreach to companies yielding no responses? Are you overwhelmed by the inefficiency of scheduling meetings through prolonged email exchanges?

Our Tailored Approach to Business Matching

We understand these challenges! Our clients often approach us after facing significant hurdles in reaching out to potential business contacts. Whether it’s struggling to identify key decision-makers, finding accurate contact details, or getting responses from prospects, we recognize the frustration and time-consuming nature of these tasks.

Our expertise in professional business matching across Asia is backed by a proven methodology. We focus on pre-qualifying B2B prospects and organizing meetings that are strategically beneficial. Our team in Singapore and Tokyo, Japan is skilled in:


Identifying the prospects you need


Engaging with local companies to pinpoint key decision-makers and presenting your business opportunity.


Coordinating appointments through phone calls, videoconferencing, or in-person meetings.


Arranging comprehensive meeting itineraries, including transportation and translation services if required.


Ready to expand in Japan?

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