Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) is a Singapore-based non-profit organisation that aims to empower women from low-income families by providing them with skills training, job opportunities, and support. As part of our CSR efforts to empower women from low-income families, our marketing agency was tasked with managing DOT's social media channels, including LinkedIn, to increase awareness of their initiatives and attract more volunteers and donations.


Our goal was to increase DOT's visibility on social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, and attract more volunteers and donors to their cause. To achieve this, we revised DOT's digital branding to be more consistent and created content pillars that would engage audiences and showcase DOT's mission and impact.

Our Strategy

We began by conducting a social media audit of DOT's existing channels and identifying areas for improvement. We then worked with the client to revise their branding and create a social media strategy that would align with their mission and goals.

Our strategy included the following content pillars:

Call for Volunteers to Help

Volunteers are a crucial part of DOT's operations, this pillar is created to encourage people to get involved. We showcased the different ways volunteers can support DOT, such as through skills-based volunteering, fundraising, and event support.

HerStory Revealed

We recognised that the stories of the women DOT serves are powerful and compelling. This pillar features personal stories of DOT beneficiaries and highlights the dreams that mothers have for their children. These stories showcase the impact that DOT's programs have on families and provide a human touch to the organisation's mission.

Thank You Posts to Donors and Supporters

We also recognise the importance of thanking donors and supporters for their contributions. Hence, the ``Thank You`` series is created to showcase the impact of donations and support and encourage continued engagement.

Did you know series

To raise awareness of the issue of women's economic empowerment, we created a series of ``Did You Know?`` posts that highlight statistics and facts related to the issue. These posts aim to educate the audience and inspire action.


Our social media and LinkedIn management efforts for DOT have resulted in a 3-fold increase in followers and engagement on their channels. Our content pillars have provided a consistent and engaging framework for DOT's social media presence, and the ``HerStory Revealed`` series has been particularly successful in showcasing the impact of DOT's programs. By focusing on LinkedIn, we were able to reach a professional audience and attract more corporate support for DOT's cause. DOT has seen an increase in volunteer inquiries and donations as a result of our efforts, and the organisation has been able to expand its reach and impact. Our work with DOT has not only helped the organisation achieve its goals but has also enabled us to make a positive impact on our community and support those who need it most.

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