Ella is Singapore’s first robotic barista that serves artisanal coffee, tea, chocolate drinks and more! They have different arms of businesses and we crafted a strategy that all encompassing to drive business goals – Increase app downloads, awareness towards cup sales through their physical Bytestation locations.


Our mission was to increase social media followers in a very saturated F&B space, communicate and increase lead generation towards decisions makers within office spaces to bring Ella the robotic barista into their offices and also to develop consistent, sustainability-focused content to demonstrate Ella’s commitment to the environment.


We segmented promotional, educational, engagement, entertainment, and community-related content pillars which was a good distribution of what the business offered. We also introduced a sustainability content pillar to keep the brand relevant to an all new conscious consumer – creating content on how to reuse Ella’s coffee cup, in order to educate Ella’s audiences on how to be sustainable. A series of static posts was also created to provide information on how coffee grounds can be recycled in different ways.


Ella also solves the problem that most large organisations have – providing a machine or service efficient and fast enough to offer great coffee to their employees without the long lines or wait time. Through a series of always-on B2B lead gen ads, we developed a funnel from awareness down to conversion and effectively communicated to businesses that Ella The Robotic Barista provides hassle free, fast, gourmet coffee at the workplace and it ultimately is a great investment. We've generated up to 1.9 Million impressions. 4,200 engagement, 30,567 app installs and 135% increase in leads over the course of six months.

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