LOOQAL spotlights independent businesses that are known for their unique, small-batch products, share a common vision of minimal environmental impact, contributing to a healthier planet by preserving its oceans, forests, and resources. Being a curator of mindful consumerism, LOOQAL bridges the gap between these businesses and customers who make purpose-driven purchases.


Creative For More’s mission was to encapsulate LOOQAL's ethos in a digital space, creating a website that serves as a seamless platform for sustainable businesses and their customers. To ensure an effortless user journey from first click to purchase, we aimed to design an online environment that reflected the simplicity and conscious spirit of the products offered.


Aesthetic & Functional Design:

We developed a website with a clean, modern design that reflected the artisanal and eco-friendly nature of LOOQAL’s featured products. The use of dynamic visuals and elements helped to emphasise the products and the stories behind them.

The website layout was structured to improve the ease of navigation, allowing users to explore various categories, learn more about each brand, and make purchases easily.

Story Driven Brand Presentation:

Through detailed descriptions, brand values, and highlights of the environmental benefits, each brand was showcased as part of a larger narrative around sustainable living and mindful consumption, providing users with information on the positive change that they are contributing to the planet with their purchase.

Our collaboration with LOOQAL resulted in a digital platform that is more than just a marketplace, but an experience that guides users through a world of conscious consumer choices, spotlighting the artisans, their crafts, and their dedication to sustainability. With the website's design and functionality reflecting LOOQAL's mission, it now offers a space where ethical products are easy to find and exciting to explore.

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