MapleStorySEA is a PC role-playing game targeted mainly at users in South East Asia. Players roam around the Maple World as they build teams, develop their in-game skills and defeat enemies. Asiasoft engaged us to create a campaign strategy to increase user acquisition through new developments.

MapleStorySEA User Acquisition Campaign – Introducing Lara, the New Mage Class


We are thrilled to present our latest case study for MapleStorySEA, a leading online game developed by Asiasoft. Our objective was to increase user acquisition for the game and generate excitement and awareness about the new mage character, Lara, while keeping the cost per user acquisition below $7.60.

  • Creative Concept Development:
    Our team brainstormed and developed a suite of creative concepts showcasing the unique value proposition of Lara, the new mage class in MapleStorySEA. The designs emphasized Lara’s powerful abilities and the overall excitement of exploring the Maple World.
  • Data-Led Interest Targeting:
    We analyzed the target audience’s interests, preferences, and gaming habits to create effective ad sets for Facebook and YouTube. This data-driven approach allowed us to reach potential players who were most likely to engage with the game and download it.

  • Comprehensive Digital Advertising Campaign:
    The campaign consisted of video ads, carousel ads, and sponsored posts on Facebook and YouTube. We also leveraged social media influencers to generate buzz around Lara and the game. These ads directed users to the MapleStorySEA download page, encouraging them to try out the game and experience Lara’s unique abilities.
  • Lowered Cost per User Acquisition:
    The campaign successfully reduced the cost per user acquisition from the target of $7.60 to $5.36, a 29% decrease.
  • Increased User Downloads:
    Within the campaign period, MapleStorySEA gained over 2,000 new users in Singapore and Malaysia, exceeding the client’s expectations.
  • Strengthened Brand Awareness:
    The creative and engaging advertising campaign raised awareness for MapleStorySEA and the new mage class, Lara, within the gaming community, generating excitement for both new and returning players.

In conclusion, our data-driven marketing approach and creative concept design led to a successful user acquisition campaign for MapleStorySEA, increasing the number of downloads and reducing the cost per user acquisition.

We are proud of the results we achieved during the campaign period, which exceeded our client’s expectations. Our team’s strategic approach, combined with our client’s trust and partnership, made this campaign a success. We believe that this case study showcases the importance of data-driven marketing and creativity in driving user acquisition and brand awareness for online games. We look forward to continuing our partnership with MapleStorySEA and supporting their growth and success in the future.

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