The National University of Singapore, a pivotal educational institution, stands at the forefront of academic excellence and innovation. Among its myriad of offerings, the Digital Transformation Leaders Programme (DTLP) is a notable initiative, designed to equip professionals with the insights and skills necessary for leadership in the digital age.


Creative For More was engaged to create a landing page for NUS’ Digital Transformation Leaders Programme (DTLP) which encapsulates information ranging from course specifics and schedules to the registration process. The goal was to design a digital funnel that was seamless, informative, and compelling – facilitating prospective students' decision-making and application process.


Informative and Engagement-Driven Landing Page Design:

Our team focused on constructing a landing page where information flowed seamlessly, guiding website visitors from an overview of DTLP to more specific details to the call-to-action (sign-up).

We incorporated dynamic and interactive elements to maintain user interest and engagement, utilising visuals relating to digital leadership themes which established a connection between the program’s content and real-world application.

Through strategic design and informative content, the landing page for NUS DTLP not only delved into the program’s offerings, but also provided a seamless application experience for interested individuals.

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