RedDot Brewhouse is a well-established microbrewery-cum-restaurant in Singapore, known for being a pioneer in the craft beer industry. As experts in digital marketing and SEO, our agency was approached by the client to revamp their website and increase their search visibility and customer prospects. We saw an opportunity to differentiate RedDot Brewhouse from its competitors and cement its position as a pioneer in the industry through a powerful combination of website revamp, SEO and PR efforts.

RedDot Brewhouse – Reinventing a Pioneer Craft Beer Brand Through a Holistic Digital Marketing Approach


We worked closely with the client to come up with visual concepts and guidelines for a website that would appeal to the target audience while conveying the brand’s voice and philosophy. Our focus was on ease of use and powerful storytelling with high-quality photography that showcased the brand’s unique offerings. We also optimised the website for better search visibility through implementing SEO best practices.

In addition to the website revamp and SEO efforts, we engaged in consistent PR efforts to increase brand awareness for RedDot Brewhouse through media outreach efforts and social media. This included securing coverage from major publications in Singapore, such as The Straits Times and Channel News Asia.


The website relaunch was successful in cementing a new vision for the brand and building a solid foundation for their digital marketing strategy. Our SEO efforts resulted in increased search visibility for individual pages, ensuring that they were found by users looking for craft beer. Our PR efforts also generated coverage from major publications in Singapore, increasing brand awareness for RedDot Brewhouse.

Our agency’s powerful combination of website revamp, SEO, and PR efforts helped RedDot Brewhouse differentiate themselves from competitors, solidify their position as a pioneer in the industry and increase search visibility and brand awareness. We believe that this case study showcases the importance of a holistic digital marketing approach in building a strong brand and achieving marketing objectives. We look forward to supporting RedDot Brewhouse’s growth and success in the future.

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