Spacing.Co is a multifaceted platform offering English enrichment classes and event space rentals. Specialising in both educational services for children and versatile event facilities, Spacing.Co caters to parents seeking language classes and individuals or organisations in search of dynamic event spaces.


The primary objective for the Spacing.co website project was to design a dual-purpose platform that effectively catered to the diverse needs of its two main user groups: parents interested in English enrichment classes for their children, and individuals or organisations in search of event space rentals. The website needed to provide a user-friendly experience, allowing for easy navigation and clear access to information pertinent to both services. A key aspect of the project was to ensure the website accurately represented the brand values of Spacing.co, focusing on their themes of Collaboration, Creation, and Celebration. Additionally, a significant objective was to optimise the site for search engines, improving Spacing.co's online visibility and accessibility to a broader audience.


One of the main challenges faced in this project was developing a content strategy that balanced educational and rental information without overloading the users. The solution was to create distinct sections for each service, unified by a consistent design theme that reflected the brand's identity. Another challenge was engaging a diverse user base, including parents and event organizers. To address this, the website was equipped with interactive elements like an event calendar, detailed class descriptions, and a virtual tour of the facilities. Furthermore, the challenge of optimiSing the website for local searches while appealing to a broader audience was met by implementing localiSed SEO strategies alongside global best practices.

The website layout was structured to improve the ease of navigation, allowing users to explore various categories, learn more about each brand, and make purchases easily.

Design and Development

The design and development of the Spacing.Co website were approached with a focus on clarity and user engagement. The homepage was designed to warmly welcome visitors, providing a clear division between the educational courses and space rental services. It was essential to allow for easy navigation to each section. The 'About Us' page was crafted to give an in-depth view of Spacing.co's philosophy, emphasizing their unique approach to education and event hosting. The English Enrichment section detailed the courses, curriculum, and the expertise of the founder, tailored to appeal to parents seeking quality education for their children. Conversely, the Venue Rental section was designed to showcase the available space and its amenities effectively, highlighting the convenience and strategic location of Spacing.co. This section aimed to appeal to those looking to host events or meetings, providing them with all the necessary information in an engaging and accessible format.

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