Avado Learning is a UK-based online learning platform providing exclusive training and courses for professionals looking to upskill or reskill in their field. Their digital marketing certification course, Squared Online is an award-winning program that was developed and launched in partnership
with Google.

As they were looking to generate leads within Singapore, the client was looking to collaborate with a local digital marketing agency experienced in full-service digital marketing to create a powerful campaign strategy and promote their product to the relevant audiences. And that’s where we came in.


The objective of the strategy was two-fold:

1) Increase brand awareness and visibility

2) Moving prospects into the consideration and purchase phase within sales funnels

Maximising visibility and conversions meant that there was a need to generate awareness of both Avado Learning and its Square Online certification program at all times. This was to be done by leveraging strong ad creatives along with media insights and optimisations to convert potential leads.


We designed and executed a winning digital advertising campaign to increase brand awareness, drive interest and lead to user acquisition.

This was done by aligning our SEO, Paid Search and social media marketing strategies to increase attention to the product while providing more touchpoints for leads across the conversion cycle.

Our SEO efforts revolved around in-depth keyword and competitor research to focus on search intent and build momentum for organic search results. We also worked on a paid search strategy for relevant keywords as well as display ad campaigns that included both remarketing and prospecting campaigns to ensure that the content was targeted at qualified audiences.


The campaign ran over the course of 6 months and saw a 245% growth in reach and impressions. These efforts were also reflected on social media, which saw a 78% increase in engagement.

The combined work of our creative and marketing strategists also generated higher brand awareness, culminating in a 90% increase in high-quality leads for the client.

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