How To Prepare For The Holiday Season?

The holiday season is almost here and as marketers and business owners, it’s time to start preparing in order to increase your ROI and gift your customers the best holiday campaigns! The holiday season starts on Thanksgiving and continues until New Years! Starting from 11:11 Single’s Day all the way till New Years 2022, the noteworthy dates are as follows:

With these dates in mind, we have also rounded up some tips and tricks for you to get started on campaign ideas.

Spread holiday cheer with storytelling

1. Run a giveaway

To increase followers on your social media, giveaways work like a charm! The key points for the participation of your giveaway should include the following:

    • Following your brand’s account
    • Getting your audience to tag 2 or more people
    • Share the post on IG stories (Eg. ‘Share this post to your stories and tag us to receive an extra vote’)
    • Include hashtags with a mix of high volume, niche keywords
    • Then finally, boost the post to reach out to new audiences


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2. Integrate holiday gift cards on your website/offline

Catch the holiday spirit while increasing sales! Allow your customers to purchase gift cards conveniently for others. By integrating gift cards, you can attract a different segment of audience that are shopping for gifts for their colleagues, spouse or loved ones!

There are tons of plugins for you to do so, especially if you are using Shopify or Woocommerce. (Eg. Woocommerce Gift Cards, Plugin Description, Gift Card and Loyalty Programme and more…) These third party tools make it easier than ever to set up gift cards for your website hassle free!

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3. Do a Christmas Countdown!

What better than to host a Christmas countdown to increase engagement with your followers?  There are many tools you can use to elevate your Instagram stories, such as countdown stickers, polls, music and more. In the latest update, you can start expressing your creativity with more tools on reels. This adds up to give your followers a unique experience of celebrating Christmas together!


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4. Collaborate with Influencers to spread the holiday cheer!

Work with influencers organically to help you gain credibility and get the word out. Start by implementing a targeted campaign according to a theme. Some examples include “New year new me”, “12 days of Christmas” and more…

Filter the types of influencers you are looking for via platforms and tools such as Tiktok Marketplace, StarNgage and HypeAuditor and start the ball rolling. Pull out a list of relevant influencers to reach out to and send them your merchandise to create content with. Depending on the follower count of the influencer, the collaboration may be organic or paid. You’ll have to negotiate and work it out with each influencer individually to get the best ROI.


Other types of collaborations would include

  • Influencer takeovers on your brand’s social media account, letting them interact with your service or product
  • Launching branded filters or reels across IG, FB or Tiktok to increase shareability
  • Getting influencers to promote and take part in a branded competition to increase engagement

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5. Boost conversions by introducing free gifts along side purchase

Like most marketing campaigns, the ultimate objective is to increase conversions. When brands offer a gift with a purchase that is of higher value to the individual product itself, they enhance the perceived worth of the brand.

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6. Mimic in store experience from your audience’s home

Consumer behaviour has changed drastically over the years and unlike before, customers need not physically walk up to a staff member to get their question answered about a service or a product. Brands are now more so than ever finding creative ways to provide a seamless in-store experience online.

Here are some examples of how you can mimic that in-store experience for your audience…


How to videos

Create “How To” videos to educate your audiences on ways to use your product or service. ‘How To’ videos are perceived as more genuine than setting up an ad. Let your personality shine!


(Image credited to Innisfree)


Live product introduction and highlights

Another trend brands are leveraging on are live product or service introductions via livestreams. Livestreaming is constantly evolving and innovating shopping online. Keep adapting and be sure to pick a platform that suits your needs and goals!


(Image credited to: The Editor’s Market) 

Personalised recommendations for different target audiences – Cross-selling, Up-selling, Personalised-selling

When a user reaches your landing page, personalised recommendations will facilitate decision making. You could bring their attention to your bestseller item list which is on sale. On top of that, you could also build a mailing list of your customers to remind them of discounts and sales.


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The holidays are not just about gift giving but also a great opportunity to market your brand, increase sales while optimising your brand identity through the process. Start planning and your holiday campaigns today!