Our Internship Program

Our objective is clear – to produce the most innovative and impactful marketing campaigns for our clients. To achieve this, we require a diverse range of skills and perspectives, including writers, visionaries, artists, thinkers, makers, doers and those who think outside the box. We seek out individuals who are intellectually curious, digital natives and solutions oriented.

Join us as an intern. Experience working on projects and businesses across different industries before you step out into the real world.


We prioritise maintaining a safe space, in which all our interns can participate fully in different aspects of our work.


Gain valuable work experience


Develop and refine Digital skills


Job Transition opportunities


Shiao-Ya Maggie Huang

Through this internship, I not only honed my technical skills in filmmaking, but I also grew as a person. I learned how to communicate effectively, build strong relationships, and work as part of a team. These skills have been invaluable in my career and personal life. I learned not only about video production and content creation but also about digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and what it takes to manage a startup. Geraldine's mentorship was crucial in helping me navigate the ups and downs of the internship and develop a newfound sense of confidence. I will always cherish the memories and lessons I learned during my internship at Creative for More.

Shiao-Ya Maggie Huang Videography Intern


Tan You Jun

Interning at Creative For More has been a tremendous learning opportunity for me. Being close to a blank canvas in terms of design and communications, getting to work along side the team has allowed me to pick up skills that I would have never learnt through just studies. What I appreciated most was the freedom to work in your own space and the ability to inject your personality into the work you produce. In this creative space, though there are guidelines to follow, you are very much allowed to experiment and learn through work. But most importantly, they have a cute dog.

Tan You Jun Content Creation Intern


Sherathaa Mahendran

The internship gave me many responsibilities, trusted my ideas and potential. I was also assured of my potential the entire time which made me believe in myself more and work to be even more committed to putting in all my effort. The three things I plan to do different as a result of this internship is 1. Trust my gut/intentions more 2. Plan my own schedules better 3. Learn adobe so i can do Graphic Designing too!

Sherathaa Mahendran Growth Marketing Intern


Rachel Ling Jia Yi

Although I had no experience before joining the company, the company allowed me to learn alongside the founding team. In the past six months, I have gained new specialized knowledge through regular communication with various clients. The team has put faith in me, so I can complete my tasks independently. I enjoy working with the Creative For More team because they are young professionals who care about my growth as an intern. The internship has given me the opportunity to develop important life skills such as time management and communication. I have been able to improve. Having the opportunity to work with the Creative For More team has been an absolute pleasure! 🙂

Rachel Ling Jia Yi Growth Marketing Intern


You will work with guided training and hands-on experience to cover multiple aspects of content marketing and growth. You will work with our team on projects from our clients or from one of our in-house efforts to grow and deliver top-notch projects.


You will gain hands-on experience researching marketing trends and running campaigns and identifying ways to improve our client's marketing efforts. You will also assist in managing companies' social media accounts and learn how to engage with followers.


You will learn how to work with the team to handle communications tasks including, but not limited to: writing and editing, photo and video production and editing, web and social media analytics, social media content, graphic design, media relations and digital asset management.

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