Graphic Design & Illustration Intern

Posted 4 months ago

Creative For More

Our team is seeking a talented and motivated individual to join us as a graphic design and illustration intern. As part of our creative team, you will have the opportunity to contribute to various projects and gain hands-on experience in both graphic design and illustration.


Job Scope


1. Content Creation
Assisting in creating and curating content for social media platforms, including writing captions, creating graphics or visuals, and sourcing relevant content.


2. Social Media Management
Assisting in managing social media accounts, including scheduling posts, monitoring engagement, and responding to comments or messages.


3. Design
Landing pages (UI/UX), eDMs, Branding, Animations for Social Media posts/ads, Layout design, Illustrations, and Video Editing.


4. Campaign Support
Assisting in executing social media campaigns, including setting up advertising campaigns across all platforms.


5. Building Email Lists
Compiling and organizing email lists based on our target audience.


6. Stay Updated on Industry Best Practices
Keeping up with the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in social media marketing to contribute fresh ideas and insights for clients.




Students pursuing a diploma/degree in marketing, design communications, advertising, or a related field are preferred. A relevant coursework or certifications in social media marketing can also be beneficial.


• Proficient in Written and Verbal Communication Skills
Interns should possess proficient written and verbal communication skills to effectively engage with the audience and convey the brand’s messaging.


• Creative Skills
Basic design skills and an eye for aesthetics are desirable for creating visually appealing social media content. Familiarity with graphic design tools like Canva or Adobe Creative Suite can be a plus. Having knowledge in Capcut, Videography & Photography is a plus too!


We are looking for someone who


• Pays attention to detail
Paying close attention to detail is important for ensuring accurate posting, proofreading captions, and maintaining the brand’s image on social media.


• Has a good sense of Time Management and Organization
Interns should be able to handle multiple tasks, prioritize responsibilities, and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.


• Has Familiarity with Social Media Platforms
A good understanding of major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok is important. Knowledge of emerging platforms can also be advantageous.


• Is Initiative and Proactive
Interns who are proactive, self-motivated, and show initiative in suggesting new ideas or improvements can make a positive impact on social media strategies.


• A Teamplayer
Being able to work effectively within a team, collaborate with others, and take direction from supervisors or managers is essential.



By interning with us, you will have the opportunity to:


• Contribute innovative ideas
We value fresh perspectives and creative thinking. As an intern, you will be encouraged to contribute your ideas and insights, allowing you to make a meaningful impact on projects and strategies. This environment fosters innovation and encourages your professional growth.


• Gain exposure to diverse clients and projects
Our agency works with a wide range of clients, each with unique needs and objectives. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work on different projects, allowing you to gain exposure to various industries, target audiences, and design challenges. This experience will enhance your versatility and adaptability as a digital marketing professional.


• Build a professional network
Throughout your internship, you will have the opportunity to connect and build relationships with professionals in the industry, including team members, clients, and industry partners. Building a strong professional network can open doors to future job opportunities, collaborations, and mentorship.


• Level up!
Right after your internship with us, you’ll realise that the learning experience you’ve gained here is invaluable. From being a blank canvas to someone who knows their thing, Creative For More has the perfect learning culture, where everyone is eequal and all your opinions matter to us, even in a group discussion as a team. And no, our interns don’t do coffee runs.



• Hybrid Working Space
Yes, we’re not 100% work-in-office, because we believe that everyone could have saved a lot of traveling time to do something more productive during work. And also y’know, save traveling costs too!

• There’s no “Hierarchy” here.
Your opinions are definitely valued here. There is no such thing as “I am the boss, I am right” here.
You’re human too and your opinions matter to us!

• Amazing Cafes around the area
Really. You have no lack of your daily dose of caffeine right here.

• A TV just to play music
Our TV isn’t just for presentation purposes, but it’s also our common playlist!
This place is definitely not a dead-silent/keyboard sound/tense working environment.

• And no, we don’t shout at you.
Shouting is for barbarians. We are not barbarians but instead working professionals.


*For interested applicants, please upload your Resume/CV in a PDF. file along with your portfolio link attached.

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