Medical and Aesthetics Digital Marketing

We work with Dentists

• Medical Practitioners
• Dermatologists
• Chiropractors
• Dentists
• Aesthetic Dentists
• Medical Spas
• Aestheticians
• Plastic Surgeons
• Health Screening Clinics
• Medical Groups

Effective advertising in a restrictive environment

Medical or Aesthetic advertising in Singapore can be constraining.
Unlike other countries, the guidelines (that are also ever-changing) limits your digital marketing options.

Our team is updated and trained with new regulations pertaining to the industry. We have worked with many medical professionals and are familiar with navigating the digital marketing landscape in a safe and effective way. Today, our marketing team offers a range of digital marketing solutions to help you reach quality audiences both locally and worldwide.

Identifying your Target Audiences

Depending on your practice, we will help you define the needs and characteristics of your target audiences.

Communications Plan

Connect on an emotional level with them. Understand why they need your products or services and create highly targeted marketing messages towards them.

Expand your reach and generate
quality leads via Paid Marketing

Disseminate your content according to best practice standards across different channels.
• Facebook / Instagram
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Linkedin
• Programmatic
• Youtube
And more…

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